Unknown Gem

The Liverpool Citizens Unknown Gem Award. The Urban Dictionary definition of a gem is - A gem is something that is absolutely great. 

Therefore the Unknown Gem Award is for those wonderful women who are the glue that holds together a family, a community or an organisation.

They are absolutely great but unknown, because they never seek to have their acts of kindness recognised. Their reward is doing things for others and quietly making a difference.

The nature of these ladies means that whilst we know of them; and when we think about them and realise just how much they do that is way above and beyond what would be expected of them in their role in the family, community, or organisation; we still allow them to stay anonymous.

This award encourages us to let the Gem shine and be recognised, for without these Unknown Gems, many wonderful things would never happen. They help individuals without them even knowing they have been helped, they ensure everyone maintains their dignity, does not feel patronised, and often use their own money and resources rather than ask for funds from others, but they allow everyone to feel they have contributed. They recognise a need before it has been articulated, they know when a kind word or deed will make a major difference to someone's day, meeting them makes you feel you have been given a warm hug, and you just know the world is a better place having them in it.

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