Rising Star

The term Rising Star is used to describe an upcoming star who has the capacity to take on the world.

The winner of The Knowsley Chambers’ Rising Star Award is therefore a woman that has unlimited promise and undisguised determination. She has already shows signs of business excellence but this is merely the beginning. No challenge is big enough. Her vision is clear and she refuses to settle for anything less than her own high expectations.

The business world can be a challenging sphere; this award identifies women that have defied the odds and whose resilience and creativity has already led to big achievements, even in their early stages of development.

If you were to meet this woman, her passion for life and her business is infectious and you carry this memory, long after she has left. She is smart, confident and her natural entrepreneurial spirit is admired by many. Mix this with an air of humility and we have ourselves a boundless gem with unrivalled potential.

This award therefore recognises that women like this, secure the future of our communities, our organisations and our City Region. She is a future business leader, the voice and ambassador of what makes Liverpool great. Without women like her, we risk being a shadow. She is our future, she will make us shine…and you saw her here first!